Frequently Asked Wigwam & Party Questions

Wigwams are 4ft by 4ft and air beds and 2.5ft by 6ft. Please measure your room before booking.

We arrive on the day of sleepover to set up which takes anything from 45 mins to 180 mins depending on how many wigwams you are having and the space we have to set up.

We will arrange a time for the following day to take down the wigwams.

Lights are all battery operated and supplied with new batteries for each party.

Deposit is required to secure your booking, which is payed back within two days after the party once we had been through equipment to make sure there is no damage.

Payment for party is payed on the morning we arrive in full.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me

Petrol is charged at £1 per mile (from Leigh on Sea)